The INS requires a line-by-line translation for each and every document submitted which appears in any language other than English.† A translation may be typed or neatly printed.


**Any individual competent in English and the second language on the document may translate on your behalf.† You may not, however, translate your own documents.**


A separate translation page is required for each document translated from another language into English.†


This exact language must appear on the translation page(s) for each individual document being translated:





I, [translatorís name], hereby certify that the above is an exact and accurate translation of the original [type of document] in [language] language and that I am competent in both English and† [language] language to render such translation.





DATE: _________________________



SIGNATURE OF TRANSLATOR: _________________________________



(If any one document requires more than one translation page, this language need only appear once -- at the end of the last translation page.)